Credit Counseling and
Financial Management Course Requirement

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In order to file bankruptcy you must now take a pre-filing bankruptcy counseling course. You are also required to complete a Personal Financial Management Course. The fee you paid does not includes this course unless you included it in our initial conversation.. Even though it is a course you will not be tested based on the information within the course but you will obtain a certificate of completion at the end of each course.
You must take one course prior to filing your petition and the other course must be taken after the filing. The course can be done online or by phone. We will provide you with the instructions.

341 Meeting

Also Known as the Meeting of Creditors
Upon filing your petition you will receive notice of your 341 meeting. It will be scheduled approximately 30 days from the day you file. The court will give you a copy of your petition. You should immediately make a copy of the petition or ask for a second copy upon filing (additional fee will apply).
You will also receive a letter from the trustee reminding you of the meeting and requesting documents. You should send a copy of all the documents listed on the page even if it is not checked. Do not rely on the courts to send a copy of any paperwork to the trustee. Failure to do this might result in your case being adjourned and you will have to make another appearance for the 341 meeting.
Once with the trustee the entire meeting takes about 10 minutes or less if there are no asset and you have a simple case.
Things to remember at the meeting:
• — Bring a copy of all of your paperwork to the meeting including the requested paperwork by the trustee.
• — Be patient. Be calm and DO NOT LOSE YOUR TEMPER. There will be a number of people scheduled at these meetings.
• — Be on time for your meeting. The trustee can make your life miserable if you are late.
• — Do not arrive no more than 15 minutes to a half hour before your scheduled time. Arriving too early will cause you a very lengthy wait.
• — Do not argue with the trustee. His job is to locate assets if they exist. His questions will be pointed and unfriendly. The trustee is not mean neither does he/she have an attitude. They have a job to do.
• — Be ready to answer the trustee without hesitation.
• — Always be truthful. The trustee is a professional and and being untruthful will only cause you anguish.
• — Make every effort to cooperate with the trustee.