You have probably pondered as to whether bankruptcy is right for you. Bankruptcy is a major undertaking. While it absolves you of all of your debts it can remain on your credit report for ten years. The upside is that you can build a new credit profile after bankruptcy and it can be done before the 10-year period.
So let’s consider the alternative. If your creditor wins a judgment against you that judgment can remain in your credit file for 10 years. If uncollected it can be renewed for another 10 years while the amount keeps getting larger and larger because of interest and collection fees.
So is bankruptcy right for you? Bankruptcy absolves you from all of your debts (excluding most taxes, most civil penalties and criminal judgments). It is like getting a new lease on life. It should be used wisely and not a mere solution to not paying your creditors.
The Crawford Group is here to assist you with filling out your forms without the high price of attorney’s. The bankruptcy process is fairly easy. There are usually no appearances before a judge. The only appearance is your meeting of creditors called the 341 meeting. This is where you meet with the trustee in order for you to declare your assets and attest to the accuracy of information on your petition. This is usually the only appearance.
We will give you a money back guarantee if your paperwork is not filled out correctly. It’s just that simple. A lot of website gives you pages and pages, link after link for you to read in order to use their service. Not here!! What they then supply you with are the actual forms where you input information into the form. So basically you are filling out your own form.
At Crawford Group, we collect your information. We fill out the forms for you then check it for accuracy (each line and every entry). You create your profile and you can make entries and corrections at any time. We do not charge for extra creditors. You can have 2 or 2000 creditors.
At the end of supplying the information we need to complete your petition we will supply you with both the physical and mailing addresses for your petition. You will be acting as what is called pro se’ which is acting as your own attorney.
There are a few things you should know and need to do before getting started. You should read the “Before You Start” page before beginning.
This information is available in the public domain and is not intended to be used or construed as legal advise.